Looking for a Lucrative Stable Job? This Is How You Can Become a Filipino VA

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant: Part II

In Part I of the Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, we talked about why major foreign businesses hire so many Filipino remote workers and VAs.

A virtual employee is someone who completes their tasks and performs their job from a remote location, using online tools to communicate and work. A virtual employee is different from a freelancer in that a virtual employee or virtual assistant work as a regular employee for the company instead of someone independent but contracted to work on a project like a freelancer is. Virtual employees and virtual assistants enjoy the benefits of working for a major foreign company like pay and stability while still being able to work from home.

In this installment, we have put together a complete guide on how to become a VA in the Philippines and take advantage of the great benefits that come with online work.

Types of Virtual Assistants

There are 2 major types of virtual assistants and the type you can apply to become depends on both your skill set and schedule as well as the employer’s job opening, budget, and needs.

Full-time VA

A full-time employee has the same responsibilities, hours, and benefits of any regular in-house employee, but all the tasks and duties are performed from a remote location. This position will usually have a regular salary and a specific job description.

Jobs that fall under the full-time category can vary wildly, but examples are writers, web developers, administrative assistants, and customer service representatives.

Jobs that fall under the full-time category can vary wildly, but examples are writers, web developers, administrative assistants, and customer service representatives.

Part-time VA

Part-time VAs differ from full-time VAs in that they work fewer hours but are still a regular part of the company. A VA will usually be a part-time employee if an employer only needs a few tasks to complete every day or if their work is specifically project-based.

Typically, people who work as part-time VAs are graphic designers, bookkeepers, assistants, or people who perform a job that does not need long hours of work every day.

2 Ways to Find a Job as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

If you’re looking for a job as a virtual assistant and are from the Philippines, there are many paths you can take and many platforms you can go on to find a job.

But, generally, there are 2 main ways to find a job as a VA:

Through an Online Marketplace

An online marketplace is an online database for job listings from employers and resumes from prospective candidates. They work by either letting people apply directly to a job listing or by allowing employers to browse resumes and profiles. They are an extremely popular way of finding online jobs because of their simplicity and because they are free to use.

But they have some downsides: the first is that there is no guarantee that a job listing on the site is legitimate. Though there is usually a system in place to ensure that real people are posting a job listing, an online marketplace cannot verify any of the claims on the listing. The marketplace also does not take the role of the arbiter in case of disputes between you and your employer.

And because the marketplace can be competitive as many VAs fight over job listings, it can be hard to find good work immediately.

Through an Agency

Another popular way of finding a job as a virtual assistant in the Philippines is to go through an agency. A VA agency will typically operate by thoroughly screening every application they receive and, if the applicant passes their standards, matching them with a client in their database who is looking for a VA.

Agencies are a safe and legitimate way of finding work because they carefully vet every company looking to hire VA services and they are more likely to have major companies and brands as clients. They can also act as an arbiter to make sure both sides are well taken care of and that the working relationship is mutually beneficial.

For example, here at Online Trooper, we make sure we are still available to both parties even after the hire to help resolve any disputes or in the case of a separation, find work for the VA and a replacement for the client company.

The downside of an agency, however, is that you lose the freedom that comes with finding work on your own.


Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for Filipinos looking for a safe, legitimate, and well-paying job from the comfort of their homes. And many Filipinos are turning to online work as more companies turn to the so-called “outsourcing capital of the world”.

You have two options as a virtual employee: you can either become a full-time employee with regular hours and regular pay similar to any other traditional job, or you can become a part-time employee with more flexible hours. The choice will depend on your skill set, your hours, and the company’s needs.